Friday, May 24, 2013

What the "Herschel?"

I'm not a very big fan of backpacks but I thought, some time through out my adulthood I should own a decent backpack, whether it be for the gym, travel, camping . . .etc! So when I saw one of my closest mates with this bag I was like "I've got to get one" . . . so he directed me to CultureKings. CultureKings I found out is an Australian based store known for it's urban streetwear and lifestyle apparel. The store is unbelievable, it has it's own hair salon and famous American artists such as Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown (just to mention a few) have visited the store. The store is located in Sydney CBD along George Street, just follow the hip hop beat sound and you'll be fine! 

However, when I went to find the particular bag I wanted, the sales assistant that served me said they didn't have any left but they were nice enough to suggest a few stores to check out that stock Herschel backpacks. I stopped by GlueStore and was in luck!

This is what I purchased:
A little slot to put through your ear phones
This particular style is called the "Heritage Backpack" and usually retails for $110 however they sold it to me for $90 which was so nice of them! I just had a browse through the Glue website and found that the other colours are a lot cheaper and retail for about $89, so I wonder why the blue is more expensive? Weird...

This bag is very spacious, the straps are very soft and wide, which make it comfortable to carry. It has many compartments that will keep your belongings nice and secure. I definitely recommend this brand of backpacks, so be sure to check out the Herschel website to browse their awesome range!

Stay tuned for my next post!


disclaimer: all photos are mine

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