Friday, May 24, 2013

A girl can never have too many shoes!


Since I've been gone, I have accumulated a few pair of shoes, however I shall only show you guys the ones I think are "blogspot" worthy LOL

So, from WANTEDSHOES I picked up two sandals I absolutely love:
 I picked these babies up for $59.95 and they're by the brand "Verali" from WANTEDHOES. These are so comfortable and easy to put on with a zip closure at the rear. The silver strap detail adds that bit of bling and rocker-chic to the sandal and is something I find quite unique. I definitely rocked these throughout Summer.
Now these babies were a splurge...these are by the brand Tony Bianco and retails for about $139.95 and yes it is a bit much for sandals, but they are gorgeous and very well made. The gold hardware goes so well with the black, which makes it look classy and chic. These took a few days to wear in, especially near the toes as the leather was quite hard, but once worn in, these are quite comfortable. They'll dress up any casual outfit.

FROM DSW I picked up these unique flats:
I have worn these shoes out as you can probably tell from the photos, they are a bit dirty! I regret getting these in the nude, just because they get dirty real easily! But I still absolutely love them. I picked them up in the nude because I didn't have any this colour. These were $34.95 and I picked them up in a size 5. I'm thinking of going back and purchasing the black ones too. These are really comfy as well, and I love how they have the ankle strap too, makes walking a lot more secure.

At WINDSOR SMITH I picked up these dangerous weapons:
NOW THESE ARE "KILLER HEELS!" lol I picked these shoes from the Windsor Smith store at DFO (Homebush) for a bargain. These were originally $139.95 but I picked them up for $25! I got these in a size 6.5, they;re a bit look but nothing too uncomfortable. I love how when you look from the front, they look so simple and chic but then when you turn around, it's all like rocker-chic and spike studs everywhere, which is what I love about these heels! It;s such a statement piece, which adds a lot of character to an outfit! The chunky heel also provides stability and comfort.

Til next time folks!

Love dearestjoyxo


disclaimer: all photos are my own

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