Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st "Khaki"

I've never owned any clothing item that was khaki in colour & I've actually never found a clothing item I liked soo much to go & purchase it! However, today my good friend & I decided to have lunch followed by some shopping! Sadly, I was quite broke as I get paid on Friday's (thumbs down for being with CBA), which is why I only bought one item! We walked into Myers & they were having amazing sales on their clothing items from brands such as, Tokito, Kenji, Bardot, Bettina Liano, Miss Shop . . . etc!

Whilst rummaging throughout all the clothes there I found myself a nice over-sized khaki coloured t-shirt by Miss Shop in size 8! So I decided to try it on . . . & I loved the way it looked on me . . . it was sooo comfortable, the  soft & in some weird way it made me look a lot slimmmer (good thing for me! WIN!) . . . It was tagged as being $25 but as I got to the counter the sales lady said "$15 please" . . .  so another WIN for me . . . ahahahah!

So here's a picture of the top, mind you, the shirt looks quite odd, large & unflattering on the hanger! Should've taken a picture of me wearing it . . .  oh well!


If you guys have not checked out REDSPOON Thai Restaurant at Top Ryde City, I insist you do! It is soooooo delicious! I went today with a friend of mine & we had such a great time! Great food, great company, great service, great ambiance . . .DO TRY IT! :)

- wish I had photos from today of the food & the restaurant but I sadly did not bring my camera!


Princess Mimi - "Sesame Grey"

Hi beautiful PEOPLE!

How are you guys? Well it's 1:02am in Sydney at the moment & I can't seem to sleep just I decided to write up a few blogs for all of you (hmmm, lets see how many I can do, before I fall, whilst watching some Gossip Girl episodes...

So anyways, I decided to do a blog on my Princess Mimi - "Sesame Grey" lenses as freshfetishfraline requested to see a picture of me wearing them. Today, my friend and I decided to catch up and grab some Thai food at Redspoon & trust me, the food there is AMAZING! I had the Thai Green Curry with chicken breast fillets & my friend ordered the Pad See Ew with beef! Such a great experience, the atmosphere was nice & chilled, despite the awful weather outside and the service was pretty gooood...........ANYWAYS.....moving on to the lenses...

So I decided to wear the lenses today and boy were they quite uncomfortable. My old contact lenses that I purchased from my optometrist were 14.2mm and these are they are quite larger to what I'm usually use to. There were times throughout the day where I forgot I had them in, but when I did feel them it did irritate me to some extent. I also did not like the fact that throughout some parts of the day it made my eyes quite watery...though despite all the negativity I did love the colour & the enlargement it provided me with! HOWEVER my friend did not feel the same (it sorta freaked her out, that it came to the point where she did not want to look at me, whilst holding a conversation) ahahahaha .... oh & I also wore the contacts from 11am - around 3pm ... so a good 4 hours or so.......I would not wear these for longer than 6 hours! But this is my opinion on the lenses......It's probably because this is the first time I've ever worn circle lenses, maybe next time I order other ones I'll choose one that has a much smaller diameter! Anyways on to my photo whoring!!! APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE PEOPLE...!

 WOAH! close up much? hahahaha . . . sorrry
 As I said before, sorrry for the photo whoring! LOL
& one last one tooo show you more of my personality! haahahaa

Talk to you guys in my text post!



"ever moist"

Since I purchased my first pair of circle lenses and the fact that I was running out of my old contact solution, I decided to go purchase myself a new box. So the boyfriend and I headed to Parra today to run a few errands and since I was already there I decided to head to "EyesOnly" to purchase a new box set. The brand I always purchase is by "Opti-Fresh" and I usually get the original formula, however a mate of mine told me to get the new formula which is the "Ever-moist 16 hour relief" and so I did. She said it works a lot better and gives a lot more moisture to your contacts than the original formula. The box set itself was $22, only $2 more than the original, so I didn't really mind paying extra. The box contains:

- 2 x 300ml bottles
- 1 x 90ml travel bottle
- 2 x ALCON lens cases

I mean, isn't that a BARGAIN??????!!!! No wonder they call it the "savings pack"....The 90ml bottle is sooo convenient for travel purposes and fits perfectly in my make up bag!

I will definitely do a brief review on this formula & let you guys know if it's any better than the original formula! Anyways, til next time....



Sunday, September 25, 2011

yeaaa boy!

They've finally arrived! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH......what has you may ask?

My LED jelly watch & my princess mimi sesame grey contact lenses! So my friend contacted me today that my orders had arrived at her house, since I has asked her if she could order these products using her Paypal since I don't have one. THANK YOU MJ . .  (will definitely shout you yumcha!) hahahaha. I was soo excited, that after she dropped off my purchases, I immediately took pictures to post on my blog so that you guys can see!

So my first purchase was the LED Jelly Watch in "black" where I purchase from here.
Cost: $3.99 free P&H
Colour: black
How long did delivery take: about a week and a half depending on where you live

Pros: price - soooo cheap, the silicone strap is unbelievably comfortable, great quality, comes with a spare battery, easy to operate, shows the time very clearly, very lightweight

Cons: took a while to deliver, the screen is quite big for my wrist BUT i will learn to adjust, the strap is quite long on me, so it sort of sticks out (but it doesn't bother me so much)

This watch is unisex and is a great gift idea for your boy/girl friend, cousins, siblings, friends...etc. I would definitely encourage you guys to purchase this product, especially if you are the type of person who doesn't really like wearing it acts like an accessory. It's quite edgy and cool to wear and you don't have to spend $$$$$ ....

and my second purchase was the Princess Mimi Circle Lenses in "sesame grey" purchased from here.

Cost: $32.95, $5 for delivery to Sydney. I use the discount code: chaigyaru for 10% off. So altogether is cost me $34.15
Colour: Sesame grey
Range: Princess Mimi
How long did it take to deliver: less than 5 working days

So I actually haven't tried these on yet, as I'm soaking them in my contact solution before putting them on. I heard about these circle lenses from a Sydney beauty guru on youtube chaigyaru, which is where I got the discount code from. So thank you Janice! She is absolutely awesome and I love watching her videos. So keep up the great work Janice (if you're reading this). So check out her blog and youtube channel as she offers lots of advice on hair, make up, fashion...etc.

So that is all for today! I am absolutely excited  about my recent purchases! I've already constructed a list of the next items I wanna purchase! hehehehe



Ooo la la . .

So recently, I've been on the hunt for the perfect self tanner for my legs.....and since Australia's currently in Spring, I thought now was the perfect time to purchase one, since it'll only take a blink of an eye til it's summer! I came across one of youtube's beauty guru's dulcecandy87 where she spoke about her love for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Leg spray! After reading and watching more reviews on this product I decided to go and purchase myself one. So here it is

Where: Priceline Pharmacy
Price: $26.99
Amount: 75ml
Colour Shade: Medium Glow. Other shades available include: light glow, tan glow and dark glow
Availability: Priceline Pharmacy, Big W, K-mart, Target, Woolworths, Coles...etc

Pros: gives you a nice glow, evens out your skin to a certain extent (obviously not full coverage), nice gold shimmers, water resistant, non-streaky, non-greasy, easy to use spray bottle, lasts the whole day, does not make you look like an oomaloompa!

Cons: visible shimmer in  the sunlight (sort of gives you that Edward Cullen look! lol), price - quite expensive compared to other self tanners, I actually bought the wrong shade, so it didn't give me the colour I wanted

Rating: 4/5 - lost a point because of the wrong shade I chose and the visible shimmers in gives off in the sunlight. Otherwise I would purchase this product again in the shade: tan glow.

I absolutely love this product and it definitely sets itself apart from other self tanners, in that it is more of a leg makeup than a tanner yet it provides you with the best glow needed for summer! Definitely a spring/summer essential! So if you want awesome looking photoshopped legs, purchase the SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGSPRAY!



anything & everything

Hello fellow bloggers!

So I came home from work today, jumped onto youtube & watched a few videos from some of my favourite beauty guru's and decided that I wanted to share some of my ideas on fashion, make up, photography, food, life . . . etc, BUT I was quite in doubt as to whether or not I wanted to create videos. Then I remembered "blogspot" & therefore decided to create one of my own! So here it is, my new online sanctuary, where I will share my own thoughts & rants about anything & everything . . . 

Will blog sooon...!