Thursday, May 30, 2013

PRIME that baby!

STEP 2 in achieving that perfect base for your make up is finding the perfect face primer. Now for those of you who are quite new to make up, a Primer basically is a product that minimises the appearance of pores and smooths out your skin to allow easy application of your foundation and also increase the longevity of your make up. Now some people choose not to apply primer before their foundation and that is completely okay, primer is not a must but is something that may help applying foundation easier to provide a flawless look and to allow your make up to last that much longer. 

Personally for me, I love using primers. Now when I first start using make up, the only brand that I would use was Napolean Perdis makeup. If you haven't heard of Napolean Perdis make up, it is an Australian based brand, which is sort of equivalent to MAC, but of course MAC is much better. Napolean Perdis has also recently broken through to the USA market, which is pretty awesome. The first ever face primer that I had purchased (well my mum purchased it for me) was the Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot. 
This was the old package. The new package is in Gold. I'm not sure if the formula has changed though.
"NOT TO PRIME IS A CRIME" - Napolean Perdis himself!
Quite runny in consistency.
As you can see it is very "wet" and shiny
The product according to Napolean Perdis:
- Vitamin E
- Chamomile
- Yarrow Extracts
- Keeps skin happy and hydrated
- Allows foundation smoother landing

My Verdict:
I give this product a 2.5/5. This product for me was not a winner unfortunately. I'm all for supporting Australian based companies but I did not love this product. It felt as if I was applying a second layer of moisturiser. It took a while to settle into my skin, it felt sticky, it did not control my oil and I didn't notice any difference in the ease of applying my foundation (as it stated).  This product retails for AUS$55 (which is definitely not worth it). You can definitely find a drugstore primer that works much better. 
The next primer, which I love right now is the Benefit Porefessional face primer. I know I haven't tried many primers but I know if I try others, this will still be my holy grail. I love this primer so much that I don't want to hit pan because it is so damn expensive. This primer retails for AUS$53. This primer is absolutely amazing.
When I purchased this item, the sales assistant was nice enough to give me a travel sized one, which I demolished
Thick but light in consistency
Not noticeable in this picture, but it creates a beautiful base
 According to Benefit:
- Minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines
- Silky and lightweight 
- Translucent
- Complements all skin types/tones
- Oil free formula
- Contains Vitamin E derivatives 
- Helps make up stay put
- Can be applied before and after make up (YES AFTER MAKEUP! This product can be applied anytime during the day after make up has already been applied when your pores come out o hiding)

My verdict:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I give this product a 5/5! I definitely recommend this product to anyone of all skin types. It is definitely not drying and it controls my oil very well. It is very hard to describe the texture of this primer, as it comes out looking like a cream/liquid but when blended, it is so thin, silky, lightweight and disappears like a powder. It definitely fills in my pores to create that flawless foundation finish. 
What are your favourite face PRIMERS??? HAVE you tried these before? Leave me a comment!

disclaimer: all photos are my own unless stated otherwise

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