Thursday, May 30, 2013

NEW! Revlon Colourstay Makeup

I decided to pick up the NEW Revlon Colourstay Foundation yesterday after work since Chemist Warehouse was still having the 1/2 price sale on their store items so I wanted to take advantage! I hate how we Aussie's have to pay an arm and a leg for make up, it's honestly ridiculous!

 According to Revlon
Price: AUS$34.95
New features: easy to use pump,  effective time release technology (no need for touch-ups for 24hours) and a higher SPF (not too sure what it was before) - SPF 15.
Coverage: medium to full coverage
Colour range: 12 shades
Longevity: claims to stay on for 24 hours (but honestly, who will wear their make up for that long?)
Types: Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily

I originally wanted to pick it up in the shade "Natural Tan", but they didn't have it in the combination/oily skin formula, so I decided to stick with the shade "True Beige", which is what I used in the old Colourstay foundation. I noticed when I swatched the shades in both formulas that the normal/dry shades are a lot more yellow toned compared to the combination/oily formula, which are a lot more pink! I personally have yellow undertones, but the "True Beige" in the combination/oily formula isn't too bad, but I will definitely see how I go with this shade and review it further. 

First impression of the foundation is that I love the new bottle and pump! It's easy to use and so much more effective, rather than pouring the foundation and losing a lot of product. In regards to the actual formula, from the swatch, it seems to be exactly the same as the old formula. 

320 True Beige
New easy to use pump
 That's it for now guys! . . .Review will be in a couple of weeks

disclaimer: all photos are my own


  1. I finally picked this one up either and LOVING the pump haha! It's so funny how such a little thing makes such a big difference :P
    Can't wait for your review! xx

    1. Hi sweetaholic-beauty! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!! I know right? It's awesome . . hahah no problem, give it about 2 weeks so I can properly review the product . . or maybe a week! :) Please follow!