Friday, May 24, 2013

Chemist Warehouse SALE

Chemist Warehouse had an AWESOME sale on their Maybelline Eye products that I could not pass up. They were selling the Maybelline Eye products at 2 for $15, now that's $7.50 for each item. Like as if you wouldn't go crazy and stock up on some of your favourites & that's exactly what I did! If you live in Australia then you and I agree that buying make up in Australia makes our wallets not too happy! They're BLOODY expensive! Maybelline eye products range from $15-$20 each! So this is what I picked up (there's only 7 items, and there should be 8, but I can't find the other product . . .hmmmm??) :
 I love the Maybelline mascaras, they're colourful and fun! My favourite is the Colossal Volum Express, which is why I purhcased two!
 I needed more liquid eyeliners, and I cam across this new product and decided to try it out. It's actually really good! Very pigmented and it stays put for a really long time. The only con is that when it's time to remove it, you gotta put a lot of had work into it!
AND last but not least, is another liquid eyeliner, and this is also a fairly new product, which is the Master Precise liquid liner. I heard so much hype about this product but I'm not sold on this one. It's not very pigment when first applied, you've got to work with this product a little bit, so I definitely don't recommend this product at all, but if you don't mind it not being pigmented then do purchase it. The only thing I love about this product is that it is a felt tip pen, which makes application so much easier.

Hope you enjoyed my Chemist Warehouse haul! They are currently having 50% off all their cosmetics (not too sure when it ends but do check it out asap). If you live near me, then go check out the Fairfield store!

Love you guys


disclaimer: all photos are my own

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