Friday, May 24, 2013


I love how KMART stays open til midnight on the weekdays. . .

My closest friends and I find ourselves going on a Kmart run every other week and when we do we find the most random things and purchase items we don't even really need. . . BUT the last Kmart run we did, I managed to pick up three things that I thought were AWESOME!!! Here they are:

 This plaid shirt was my FAVOURITE purchase of the three! Guess how much? $15!!!! BARGAIN RIGHT?? & it was from the male section in Kmart! I managed to find it in a size small, the x-small would've been a better fit but I like how this fits a bit loose to give it that casual, laid-back vibe.

 These ugg boots (obviously not real Ugg Boots) but they do the job, are so comfy and they keep me super duper warm when I'm at home! I've actually managed to wear this to the groceries before, just because I didn't want to take them off! Who would? They are so cute! I purchased these for $15 also and these are in a size 5. If you're interested in these, they are still available at Kmart.

AND something to keep warm big head warm! A brown beanie! This was only $7!!!!!! What a steal...I actually wanna pick up a few more in different colours because they're so cheap BUT for now I'll settle with the brown!

That;s it for now, hope you enjoy my little Kmart haul . . . til next time

Love you guys


disclaimer: all photos are my own

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