Friday, May 24, 2013

Add a bit of colour

So, if you're from Australia then you're experiencing really crappy cold weather! But don't be too sad, because you can always brighten up your day by adding some colour into your outfit. Now, if you're like me, I find it so hard to stray away from black and basically anything neutral. It's weird, it's like I have this fear of colour . . . but anyways, this is what I am loving at the moment - Coloured Outerwear e.g. cardigans, blazers, coats, capes, ponchos, anoraks . . .etc

Here are three outwear that I have chosen from my closet that I think will help brighten up my day . . . & HEY, maybe even yours:

The first one is from a $10 store that I picked up a few years ago called MINK and that I have NEVER worn before. So I thought, since we're quickly coming into winter, it would be the perfect time to utilise this item: 

Now, for a $10 clothing item, this was a steal! The fit is perfect and the colour is amazing, just a shame that my camera doesn't do it justice. But you guys catch my drift...right?

The next item is from Forcast, which I purchased mid time last year (2012) for $30 in the sale rack! It's another blazer BUT it's I think this would be more appropriate in Autumn rather than winter since it's a lot shorter and wouldn't keep you very warm but it's a great piece to layer with:

I love the burnt orange tone of this cropped blazer and it's a fantastic outwear item that accentuates your womanly curves!

Now the last item, is from Myer and a brand called Misshop, I picked this up around the same time last year for $99 

Now this screams out WINTER! I think out of the three, this one's the winner, just because the material is a lot thicker, which will keep you warmer and not to mention stylish! The colour is what caught my attention when I purchased this item. It's such an attention grabber, and it was something different that I thought would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe for winter.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope to see a lot more people wearing bright clothing this WINTER! Don't be BORING!!!!!

Love you guys


disclaimer: all photos are my own

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