Friday, May 24, 2013

Skirts Galore

During the Summer/Spring season, I was on a mission to find skirts . . . I seriously went on a crazy hunt (you can ask my mates that went shopping with me) lol  . . So here are the skirts I added to my wardrobe

From Sheike "The Slider Skirt", which I picked up for $79.95 in a size 10, coz the size 8 seemed to cinch in a bit tight around my waist and that would not look flattering at all. This skirt sits right at your waist and teams nicely with a fitted top. This skirt is very simple yet has a little sass to it with the asymmetrical hemline. I think this skirt will flatter all girls of different shapes and sizes because of the stretch jersey material and the thick elastic waistband.

 From DFO (Homebush) I had to stop overs, one at Mossman I picked this baby up on sale for $30 and it was originally $139.95. The crazy print definitely caught my attention and I knew I had to have it. I picked this skirt in a size 8 and it fits so well. The other feature I love about this skirt is the pleating that goes around the entire skirt, so it is flattering especially having eaten a large meal.
 And then Portmans. I also picked up this skirt on sale for $30 too (not sure too sure how much is was originally, I think it may have been $60). I knew I had to have this skirt because of the colour, if you've seen my wardrobe, you know I love my neutrals and blacks. I picked up this skirt in a size 8 too and fits like a glove. It also has that pleating feature going on but not as extreme as the skirt above.

I LOVE KOOKAI: I absolutely love their basic bodycon skirts! They are quite expensive and retail for $100 but they are so worth it, I promise! They last forever and the material is so comfortable! I definitely want to pick up the rest of the other colours but for now I'll settle with this black one that I recently purchased and the taupe one I have.  Go check out your nearest Kookai store, because they have recently come out with an amazing collection for this Winter/Autumn "The Colour of Night"

That's it for now!



disclaimer: all photos are my own

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