Thursday, May 30, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics

The only two Benefit Cosmetic products I own are cheek products, a blush and a bronzer. Benefit here in Australia is so freaking expensive it's just "CRAY CRAY", which is why I don't own a lot from this high-end brand. If it was, I would most likely go out and purchase all their products because they're awesome! The Benefit blushes and bronzers retail for AUS$51 and in America, guess how much? US$28! If anyone from America is willing to purchase items for me and send them over to me, please please please contact me! lol

So the blush that I purchased was the "Coralista" blush, which is one of the most talked about products from Benefit and I think everyone in the beauty community owns it! It is a very nice coral-pink shade. It is such an amazing colour and stays on my cheeks for a very long time. Because I have an olive skin tone, the blush does not show up on my cheeks very well, however gives me this amazing highlight iridescent finish, which I love. For this reason, I mostly use it as a highlight to give me that sun kissed glow.The blush is very easy to work with and blends in so nicely.
8.0g of product
The blush with flash
The blush without flash
The bronzer that I picked up was obviously the "Hoola" bronzer, which I'm sure most of you have or is on your current wish-list because it is the most amazing bronzer that I have ever used and own. It is so hard to find the right bronzer that does not have an orange tone to it and this one definitely does not. It is very pigmented, which is why you must have a light hand when applying this product! A little definitely does go a long way with this product. The other thing that I love about this product is that it is matte! AND you can't contour without a matter bronzer.
8.0g of product
The bronzer with flash
Swatch with flash
Without flash
Benefit products in Australia can be purchased from Myer and David Jones. A few online sites also sell Benefit products for discounted prices: 

disclaimer: all photos are my own unless stated otherwise

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