Friday, May 24, 2013

Crazy over MIMCO

My current handbag at the moment is by a brand called MIMCO, which is an Australian based company that offer a range of items, from accessories to shoes to bags to even make up. It is a very well established brand here in Australia and is considered to be high-end (obviously not amongst Louis Vuitton, Chanel...etc).

The bag I am talking about is the "Metal Button Zip Top" in black, which is part of the MimcoLoves Collection. The style number for this bag is STYLE# BL038001. The dimensions of the bag can also be found here
 The front view
 The signature button
 The side view
 The zipper & mini pendant
The inside lining of the bag, which is found in all Mimco handbags

I call this my Mary Poppins bag because I can fit so many things, however the only con I found about this bag is the weight. The bag alone weighs quite a bit, so I don't suggest you carry too many things or you may cause problems for your shoulders. I am currently using this as my work bag and it's great because it's black, it won't get dirty!

Definitely go check out your nearest Mimco store. They are currently having an upto 50% off sale. . . so go on, hurry and grab a great deal!

Love you guys


disclaimer: all photos are my own

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