Saturday, May 25, 2013

Glasshouse Fragrances

If you haven't heard about these candles before then let me tell you now, that if you're in the hunt for amazing candles that will last you a very long time and that smell amazing then go and check out Glasshouse Fragrances! I purchase mine from Peter Alexander for about AUS$34.95. I have also seen them sold at David Jones as well and I think for the same price too. It is an Australian based company, which I think is great because supporting one of our own is pretty cool. They also have a website in which you can check out here

They sell candles, diffusers, hand creme, body bars and fragrances, however I've only tried their Candles and can only comment about them! And to be straight to the point, I LOVE THEM! My favourite scent from the very beginning is "Vanilla Noir", however I think it has been discontinued at Peter Alexander because everytime I have visited the store, they seem to never have them in stock, which is really disappointing because it is an amazing scent! 
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 The last time I visited Peter Alexander however, they did have another candle that smelt quite similar to Vanilla Noir and it is TAHAA - Vanilla Caramel. My boyfriend was nice enough to purchase this for me, because he knew how I was yearning for the Vanilla Noir candle! This scent is perfect for winter, it makes me feel so warm and cosy inside (& he loves it too!). The fragrance family this candle falls under is: Garmound. 

I also own, another Glasshouse Frangrance candle in MARSEILLE - Gardenia, which was gifted to me by my awesome mother. However, I am not so much in love with this scent! It definitely smells exactly like Gardenia's, however I am not a big fan of floral notes. 

These candles have a burn time of 80 hours, which I think is more than other candles burn for. Remember not to burn your candles for more than 4hours at a time...just a little tip from Glasshouse Fragrances. They are made of pure wax and cotton wicks, which are non toxic and lead free!!!

So if you're in the hunt for some awesome candles, check out Glasshouse Fragrances and have yourself a cosy warm winter...

Love you guys


disclaimer: all photos are my own, unless stated otherwise. I am not sponsered by Glasshouse Fragrances


  1. Oh I love these candles! They look so pretty in the jar and they smell amazing :) I have still seen them around in Peter Alexander though, strange that you think they are discontinued though! I might want to pick these up especially with winter coming round :)

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by :) Oh I meant that Vanilla Noir seems like its been discontinued at Peter Alexander because I never see them in stock nor have I seen David Jones or Myer sell them! :( i LOVED that scent! Yes definitely purchase more because they are amazing and last forever!!