Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st "Khaki"

I've never owned any clothing item that was khaki in colour & I've actually never found a clothing item I liked soo much to go & purchase it! However, today my good friend & I decided to have lunch followed by some shopping! Sadly, I was quite broke as I get paid on Friday's (thumbs down for being with CBA), which is why I only bought one item! We walked into Myers & they were having amazing sales on their clothing items from brands such as, Tokito, Kenji, Bardot, Bettina Liano, Miss Shop . . . etc!

Whilst rummaging throughout all the clothes there I found myself a nice over-sized khaki coloured t-shirt by Miss Shop in size 8! So I decided to try it on . . . & I loved the way it looked on me . . . it was sooo comfortable, the  soft & in some weird way it made me look a lot slimmmer (good thing for me! WIN!) . . . It was tagged as being $25 but as I got to the counter the sales lady said "$15 please" . . .  so another WIN for me . . . ahahahah!

So here's a picture of the top, mind you, the shirt looks quite odd, large & unflattering on the hanger! Should've taken a picture of me wearing it . . .  oh well!

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  1. Nice top, it's a good dark khaki colour too. xx

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