Sunday, October 2, 2011


A few days ago my mate & I decided to go & purchase tickets to the Filipino Fiesta. So we headed to the Filipino store in Granville where they sold pre-sale tickets for $15 instead if paying $20 at the door (you'd want to save tooo!). So today was the Filipino Fiesta & we were sooooo excited . . . lame right? Well we were most definitely more excited about the foooood we were going to eat! My mate & I were craving the whole week before the fiesta . . . & were salivating just talking about it! It was such a cold, glooomy, windy & rainy day, which sucked because the ground was all slippery & muddy BUT thank gooodness the fiesta was undercover, but it didn't stop us freezing!

The boyfriend also came along for the experience . . . but he only came for the car show (typical guys right?). Since he's Vietnamese the food they had available were quite similar to what his mum usually cooks, so it wasn't a major culture shock for him. When we got there it definitely wasn't that crowded, most likely due to the weather (I mean who would've wanted to go out with such ugly weather we had today?). The first thing we did was check out the cars (for the boyfriend, of course) . . & honestly, it was such a downer . . .less than 10 cars showed up for the Show & Shine, so it was definitely an EPIC FAIL on their end! Literally 2 mins checking the cars out, we headed straight for the fooood! I had never seeeen so many filos in my life! The 3 of us felt soooo out of place . . . hahaha even though my mate & I are filo, but everyone else seemed so FOB (fresh off the boat) lol.

The main thing I wanted were fish balls & I definitely went hard out! LOL I bought 3 sticks for the day & it was sooo freaking delicious, especially with the sauce! I was definitely in HEAVEN! They were really really cheap too, $1.50 for a stick of three fish balls and they were HUGE balls! I wanted to buy halo halo as well but is was way tooo cold for it, so my boyfriend & I bought a coconut drink instead, which was still really nice! My mate & I also bought some food for out awesome mother's since they didn't come along! We sat down for a bit as well just to warm up & whilst we sat there munching down out foood, we listened to & mocked a few of the singers that were on stage . . . lol (if any of you are filo or have been to a filo party then you would know that all filo parents love kareoke (aka "magic mic") because they think they know how to sing . . . when most of the time they don't . . .but you do get those parents who can actually sing).

After mocking the singers we got a bit more hungry so we did another happy lap around & bought more foood . . . . I don't know how many happy laps we did & we definitely walked around a lot . . . I was surprised that I didn't bump into more people that I knew . . . but I did bump into a uni mate of mine, which was nice & really really random!

Before we headed home, the weather was clearing up and the sun decided to poke his/her head out for a few minutes, so we decided to jump on the dodgem cars. Soooo embarrassing I tell you . . .felt like such a kid again but it was FUN! lol I was the best driver of all . . my boyfriend & mate could not control their car yet I kept going around in circles and and trying to hit their car from behind! LOL

It was a productive day eating . . most definitely! Entertainment was not all great, we wanted to stay for the pageant but that was until 7ish . . .and we didn't want to stay out in the cold & get sick. The prices of the foods & drinks were really affordable & I honestly only spent $30 and my stomach was definitely satisfied! I wouldn't go to next year's filo fiesta, I mean I haven't been in ages but this year I was really missing quality filo food, so that's all I went for!

I didn't get to take photos from the day because it was just way too cold to whip out my camera every time I purchased something & besides I was too busy eating . . . so my hands were too occupied! lol

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