Sunday, September 25, 2011

yeaaa boy!

They've finally arrived! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH......what has you may ask?

My LED jelly watch & my princess mimi sesame grey contact lenses! So my friend contacted me today that my orders had arrived at her house, since I has asked her if she could order these products using her Paypal since I don't have one. THANK YOU MJ . .  (will definitely shout you yumcha!) hahahaha. I was soo excited, that after she dropped off my purchases, I immediately took pictures to post on my blog so that you guys can see!

So my first purchase was the LED Jelly Watch in "black" where I purchase from here.
Cost: $3.99 free P&H
Colour: black
How long did delivery take: about a week and a half depending on where you live

Pros: price - soooo cheap, the silicone strap is unbelievably comfortable, great quality, comes with a spare battery, easy to operate, shows the time very clearly, very lightweight

Cons: took a while to deliver, the screen is quite big for my wrist BUT i will learn to adjust, the strap is quite long on me, so it sort of sticks out (but it doesn't bother me so much)

This watch is unisex and is a great gift idea for your boy/girl friend, cousins, siblings, friends...etc. I would definitely encourage you guys to purchase this product, especially if you are the type of person who doesn't really like wearing it acts like an accessory. It's quite edgy and cool to wear and you don't have to spend $$$$$ ....

and my second purchase was the Princess Mimi Circle Lenses in "sesame grey" purchased from here.

Cost: $32.95, $5 for delivery to Sydney. I use the discount code: chaigyaru for 10% off. So altogether is cost me $34.15
Colour: Sesame grey
Range: Princess Mimi
How long did it take to deliver: less than 5 working days

So I actually haven't tried these on yet, as I'm soaking them in my contact solution before putting them on. I heard about these circle lenses from a Sydney beauty guru on youtube chaigyaru, which is where I got the discount code from. So thank you Janice! She is absolutely awesome and I love watching her videos. So keep up the great work Janice (if you're reading this). So check out her blog and youtube channel as she offers lots of advice on hair, make up, fashion...etc.

So that is all for today! I am absolutely excited  about my recent purchases! I've already constructed a list of the next items I wanna purchase! hehehehe




  1. thank you so much for subscribing to my blog!
    that LED watch is AWESOME! my nephew would love that! and those mimi lens, let's see a picture of you wearing them! ^_^

  2. Welcome to the beauty blogging world babe! <3 You should get a Twitter so it'd be easier to socialise and all!!!!!


  3. @freshfetishfraline: you're welcome :) you should definitely get it for's a great novelty gift! hahaha will do . . hopefully i'll wear them out soon!

    @tram: :) thank you sooo much! I'll give twitter a think...since I'd be such a noob at using it! hehehe