Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"ever moist"

Since I purchased my first pair of circle lenses and the fact that I was running out of my old contact solution, I decided to go purchase myself a new box. So the boyfriend and I headed to Parra today to run a few errands and since I was already there I decided to head to "EyesOnly" to purchase a new box set. The brand I always purchase is by "Opti-Fresh" and I usually get the original formula, however a mate of mine told me to get the new formula which is the "Ever-moist 16 hour relief" and so I did. She said it works a lot better and gives a lot more moisture to your contacts than the original formula. The box set itself was $22, only $2 more than the original, so I didn't really mind paying extra. The box contains:

- 2 x 300ml bottles
- 1 x 90ml travel bottle
- 2 x ALCON lens cases

I mean, isn't that a BARGAIN??????!!!! No wonder they call it the "savings pack"....The 90ml bottle is sooo convenient for travel purposes and fits perfectly in my make up bag!

I will definitely do a brief review on this formula & let you guys know if it's any better than the original formula! Anyways, til next time....



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