Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ooo la la . .

So recently, I've been on the hunt for the perfect self tanner for my legs.....and since Australia's currently in Spring, I thought now was the perfect time to purchase one, since it'll only take a blink of an eye til it's summer! I came across one of youtube's beauty guru's dulcecandy87 where she spoke about her love for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Leg spray! After reading and watching more reviews on this product I decided to go and purchase myself one. So here it is

Where: Priceline Pharmacy
Price: $26.99
Amount: 75ml
Colour Shade: Medium Glow. Other shades available include: light glow, tan glow and dark glow
Availability: Priceline Pharmacy, Big W, K-mart, Target, Woolworths, Coles...etc

Pros: gives you a nice glow, evens out your skin to a certain extent (obviously not full coverage), nice gold shimmers, water resistant, non-streaky, non-greasy, easy to use spray bottle, lasts the whole day, does not make you look like an oomaloompa!

Cons: visible shimmer in  the sunlight (sort of gives you that Edward Cullen look! lol), price - quite expensive compared to other self tanners, I actually bought the wrong shade, so it didn't give me the colour I wanted

Rating: 4/5 - lost a point because of the wrong shade I chose and the visible shimmers in gives off in the sunlight. Otherwise I would purchase this product again in the shade: tan glow.

I absolutely love this product and it definitely sets itself apart from other self tanners, in that it is more of a leg makeup than a tanner yet it provides you with the best glow needed for summer! Definitely a spring/summer essential! So if you want awesome looking photoshopped legs, purchase the SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGSPRAY!



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