Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Princess Mimi - "Sesame Grey"

Hi beautiful PEOPLE!

How are you guys? Well it's 1:02am in Sydney at the moment & I can't seem to sleep just I decided to write up a few blogs for all of you (hmmm, lets see how many I can do, before I fall, whilst watching some Gossip Girl episodes...

So anyways, I decided to do a blog on my Princess Mimi - "Sesame Grey" lenses as freshfetishfraline requested to see a picture of me wearing them. Today, my friend and I decided to catch up and grab some Thai food at Redspoon & trust me, the food there is AMAZING! I had the Thai Green Curry with chicken breast fillets & my friend ordered the Pad See Ew with beef! Such a great experience, the atmosphere was nice & chilled, despite the awful weather outside and the service was pretty gooood...........ANYWAYS.....moving on to the lenses...

So I decided to wear the lenses today and boy were they quite uncomfortable. My old contact lenses that I purchased from my optometrist were 14.2mm and these are they are quite larger to what I'm usually use to. There were times throughout the day where I forgot I had them in, but when I did feel them it did irritate me to some extent. I also did not like the fact that throughout some parts of the day it made my eyes quite watery...though despite all the negativity I did love the colour & the enlargement it provided me with! HOWEVER my friend did not feel the same (it sorta freaked her out, that it came to the point where she did not want to look at me, whilst holding a conversation) ahahahaha .... oh & I also wore the contacts from 11am - around 3pm ... so a good 4 hours or so.......I would not wear these for longer than 6 hours! But this is my opinion on the lenses......It's probably because this is the first time I've ever worn circle lenses, maybe next time I order other ones I'll choose one that has a much smaller diameter! Anyways on to my photo whoring!!! APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE PEOPLE...!

 WOAH! close up much? hahahaha . . . sorrry
 As I said before, sorrry for the photo whoring! LOL
& one last one tooo show you more of my personality! haahahaa

Talk to you guys in my text post!



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