Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiffany & Co., North Sydney Pool & Bondi Beach

Last Monday one of my best friends & I had a very very productive day and it was A-MAZING! It was such a hot & humid day, perfect beach/pool weather. So we started the day off with heading into the city to re-size my Tiffany & Co, bracelet that my boyfriend got me. After only being in the city for at least half an hour, we definitely decided that we had to head to the pool or beach. So once we were done at Tiffany & Co., we grabbed takeway Subway and decided to head to North Sydney Olympic Pool!

If you live in Sydney, it is definitely a swimming pool to check out. The place is amazing & the view is fantastic! I'm sure you'll have a great time there, oh & Luna Park is right next door! How cool is that? So we had our Subway there, did a little tanning and had a dip in the pool. It was quite awkward because there was a primary school there for their swimming lessons! We only spent about 2 hours there, since our parking spot was under a 2hr limit. So we decided to head to Bondi Beach, since it was only 3pm and it was still way too hot to not go to a beach.

Luckily we had my GPS with us the entire day, or else we would've gotten lost, thankfully we didn't. We got to Bondi fine & decided to grab ourselves some Frozen coke from McDonalds! It was definitely refreshing. We roamed around the little boutiques and then decided it was time to hit the beach, tan and have a dip in the water. The water was freezing but so amazing at the same time! Me, being a little wuss, didn't want to go all the way in because I have a thing about blue bottles, which freak me out so much!

Anyways, enough of the blabber, here are some photos of the day! I definitely had a great time with my best friend. We hadn't spent time alone in such a long time & it was a perfect day to do so. I to keep this post PG, so I didn't post pictures of us in a bikini in case it might offend anyone or be inappropriate!

 This was on the way too North Sydney Olympic Pool!
 Tanning at North Sydney Olympic Pool! The view was absolutely amazing.
 In the car, on the way to Bondi. Ewww, now you guys know what my natural hair looks like! Full thick and wavy.
Had a great time with this babygirl! Love you loads tee!

Anyways, til next time guys!



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