Monday, November 21, 2011

Always & Forever

On the 12th of November, the boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We exchanged presents a week prior, so I have decided to show you guys what he gave me.

When he came over, he popped this right in front of me and said: "Happy 3 years babe!" This made me laugh so much! Before he came over, I told him to give me hints and he said: "soft and edible" this is what I got.
When I started unraveling the bag, this is what he wrote! lol . . . comedian, isn't he?

& this is what was hidden inside! My first Tiffany & Co. jewelry item


Last week I had to take it back to Tiffany & Co. in the city because I had to resize it as it is too big for my wrist! The lady said it will take 15 days (so annoying!) I want to wear it now! Can't wait to have it back on my wrist!

The bracelet is sterling silver and inside the box it had instructions on how to keep it well maintained. The instructions stated I needed to use silver polish/silver foam in order to keep it looking brand new every time. So I decided to have a browse around and came across this ...

 Don't mid the dirty sponge, I cleaned my bracelet prior to bringing it back to Tiffany & Co.
This was only $11.95 at Prouds Jewelers and the sales lady was definitely helpful. It is such an easy process and it definitely made my bracelet looking nice and shiny! It's quite a large tub and contains a lot of product. You only need the tiniest amount of product, so this will definitely last me a long time.


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