Monday, November 21, 2011

DFO Homebush

Last week my friends and I decided to do a little shopping at DFO, homebush since we haven't had the chance to hang out. I initially just wanted to window shop, but since we decided to head to DFO, I knew that I was eventually going to purchase SOMETHING! So here is my haul, note: I bought a bra and some underwear from a store called Cotton On, however because it is more personal I decided to to post up the pictures here!

The first item I bought was from Oroton: a make up bag that will matches my Oroton tote and wallet! I decided that I'll give this to my mum for Christmas. It was on already on sale for $80 and but that day They had a further percentage off, so in the end I only got it for $42.50!
 Next stop was WANTED SHOES: I picked these simple sandals for $39.95. Size 5 (I know I have a small foot!) lol and these are by a brand called Therapy. 
The last thing I bought was a Lo'real lipstick from this beauty store that sold cosmetics for a cheaper price (sorry I forgot the name). I picked up this lipstick in the colour sunset and I also picked up a dark red wine colour for my mum. They were only $5 each. I absolutely love this colour, it goes on very easy, it's very creamy and sheer, little shimmer, however it is not so noticeable, stays on for a really long time, doesn't require clear gloss. However it takes about 3 swipes to actually get the colour I like. From the tube it looks more of a rosey dark pink colour, but when applied to my lips with a few swipes, it comes out as a really nice subtle pink colour, which I love!

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul!
Til next time :)



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