Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend Getaways

Back in April, my boyfriend and I planned a getaway to Port Macquarie for his 22nd Birthday with a few of our mates and his cousins and their partners. It was such an awesome little holiday away and I wish we were back there. The weather was amazing, it was so relaxing, no problems and responsibilities to worry about. It was just so care-free. 

Now, you're probably wondering what is this girl talking about, I want to talk about the fact that mini holidays bring people together! Now I've been with my boyfriend for 4.5years, he has two cousins that are close in age with him Anna and Andy (brother and sister) and they have partners too. Now in the last 4.5 years, I have never been able to form a connection with his cousins or their partners. If you know me in real life, I'm the type of person that's really shy when I meet people for the first time or if I don't see them as often. But when I get to know people better and have a feel of what they're like, then I'll go crazy! This is what happened when we went away to Port Macquarie... it was awesome! It gave us the opportunity to be ourselves and relax and open up and become a lot closer.

I especially became a lot closer to his cousin Anna and his cousins girlfriend Monica. It's like we became family instantly! Our quote for the rest of the weekend was "We family" . . lol and we went cray cray the second night of the get away and when I say cray cray, I mean alcohol influenced! hahahaha I mean it's cool to get loose every now and then, and that weekend was a good excuse to get loose and be rowdy! . . Here are some pictures of the three of us that weekend:
Anna and I beside the pool

L-R: Anna, me and Monica

Monica and I beside the pool
Monica after Anna and I performed a little mini make over
I love these two!
Yep, and the drunk photos begin!
Yep, not sure what happened here! lol

The END! lol Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through the pictures and didn't mind being overloaded with our faces! hahahahahahaha 

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