Saturday, June 1, 2013

This or That?

So recently I've been doing a lot of online browsing and I've been on a crazy hunt for the perfect ankle bootie with a heel! I came across Sammi of Beautycrush's video on youtube and she had mentioned a website called Missguided ... And whilst browsing I came across these two black ankle booties that I thought would be awesome for winter! 

Here's choice # 1:
Photo taken from here
 This ankle bootie is called the "Rasna Leather Heeled Platform Boot" in black = AUS$62.72

Here's choice # 2:

Photo taken from here

This ankle bootie is called the "Celestina Platform Ankle Boot" in black = $62.72 (it also comes in a brown/tan colour)

So which should I purchase? They're both quite similar but different in their own way! I'm sort of leaning towards the second choice. It looks more like me, rather than the first choice. They both cost the same and Missguided also offer free shipping to Australia and New Zealand!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!

Have you shopped on Missguided before? What are some of your favourite picks from the website?


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  1. My pick would be the second one :) looks classy!!