Saturday, October 8, 2011

NEW! Storage . . .

I'm the type of person who constantly rearranges things around my room . . . I don't exactly know why . . . but I like CHANGE & making my bedroom look different every now and then. The main reason I wanted to rearrange things was because I wanted to find a new storage unit to place all my make up, skin care & hair care products and nail polishes in. I remembered watching a lot of youtube videos of girls showing how they store their make up and sharing their useful tips on keeping it all organised! In most videos I noticed that most stored their make up in this 8 or 10 tier tower drawer, so I did my research and found a few on ebay but wasn't patient enough to wait so I decided to head out in search for something similar. So the other day, my boyfriend & I went looking around everywhere and nothing . . . but he didn't want to give up, so we checked another place out and luckily enough the store we went to had something very similar to what I wanted and what was also even better was that it was the last one in stock! WIN!

So here it is . . .

 For those of you who live in Australia, I purchased this at "Homeart" but for those of you who don't live in Australia, I'm pretty sure many of you can purchase something similar to this near where you live.

$49.95 - pretty cheap!

8 tier tower with clear drawers and it also comes with wheels but I didn't bother attaching them on. The drawers have sufficient space for you to fit anything you want (in my case make up . . .etc). The quality is quite good and very sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the search for a storage unit, especially for their beauty supplies! It's a great investment and keeps all of your things organised.

Definitely happy with this purchase! If you want me to take pictures and show you what I have in each draw leave a comment and I will get to it asap . . .




  1. Wow, i really like it , I want it too xD

  2. i really like storages. it makes more room for more things =]


  3. Love this I need one for all my makeup! LOL
    Now following!