Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey guys,

So I'm back again to do another haul post & this time it's about clothes! So over the past week I've hauled in four clothing items, three from a store called Bardot (Australia) and one from Target.

On Tuesday or Wednesday night, Parramatta Westfields was having a one night sale from 6pm - 9pm. When I first heard about this, I messaged my boyfriend straight away asking if we could go. When we got to Parra, I thought that it was going to be packed, but it actually wasn't, however it was definitely a good turn out.

The first store we stopped by was YD (a mens store in Australia), because my boyfriend wanted to buy new clothes for this Saturday for my 21st birthday dinner. We spent quite a while there, probably almost an hour but he did end up picking up a few items, which looked awesome on him!

Next stop was Bardot, one of my favourite stores! They were having a 20% off full priced items! Without sales, their clothing prices are hella expensive! I originally wanted to go there to get a particular top I was eying out for a few weeks already but in the end I didn't even purchase Anyways, I ended up only purchasing two items, shorts & a top. It's weird, when things are on sale I don't go crazy but when it's not on sale I decided to buy anything and everything in the store! (Do you guys experience that too, or is that just me?) ....

Here are the two items I bought:
This is what it looks like on the model (taken from the Bardot website)
This is the what the shorts look like from the back...garter & inoperable pockets
This is what it looks like on the model (taken from the Bardot website)
Today, I decided to catch up with one of my friends, and the purpose of catching up was to buy accessories for my dinner to pair with my outfit BUT instead I bought two more clothing items I don't even need! BUT, they were both on sale! So this friend of mine, I swear, she's like a lucky charm. Every time she goes shopping she finds the MOST amazing sales ever! So we first stopped over at Target and of course she ran directly to the sales rack, now personally I don't usually shop for clothes at Target, but I was like "hey who knows, I may find something". So I browsed through the numerous racks they had and found a striped jumpsuit in a small and was on sale for $14.83 down from $29 - WIN! right?

So I decided to try it on in case it didn't look good on me, this is what it looks like. Trust me, in person it looks cute, the photo or the way it's hung doesn't do it justice. When I wear it, I'll do an OOTD just to show you guys how cute it really is:
I know it looks hideous in the photo BUT honestly it's so cute & for the price? WHY NOT!

Then of course throughout the day we had to drop by Bardot! They didn't have the 20% sale anymore, but I still wanted to have a look around and so I found this top. Again, my photos don't really do the top justice..
This is what it looks like from the back. Criss-cross back with button detailing.
The little button detailing adds the touching finish to the top. Definitely cute!
This is what it looks like on the model. I LOVE THE BACK! (photo taken from the Bardot website)
This is what it looks like on the model (taken from the Bardot website)
That is all for today folks, hope you guys enjoyed this haul & til next time!

Takecare everyone :)



  1. Omg!! That orange top looks SO vibrant! ^_^
    You picked up such colour poppin' pieces! And I bet the jumpsuit would be hella cute! Seriously... HAHAH I hate it when clothes look so unattractive, but when worn, looks so cute and awesome. HAHAH


  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..